AI for Healthcare Operations

Take care of patients, not spreadsheets.

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Our AI Solves Complex Resource Optimization Problems

We help organizations optimize their most complex workflows so they can focus on their core business of serving customers. By augmenting traditional operations research approaches with artificial intelligence, Delta Brain's cloud-based software dynamically and optimally allocates resources to where they are needed, even in the presence of complex constraints and highly specialized resources. This results in higher utilization of expensive assets, more engaged staff, and better business decisions.

Intelligent Data Management

Streamline your workflows and integrate your data to make smarter organizational decisions, faster.

HIPAA Compliant Software for:

  • Automating complex reporting workflows
  • Outperforming in value-based contracts
  • Linking records across settings of care

Dynamic Resource Optimization

Efficiently allocate facilities, staff, and equipment to improve utilization and reduce patient wait times.

AI-Powered Automation for:

  • Scaling up telemedicine networks
  • Scheduling multispeciality staff
  • Routing people and supplies efficiently

Robust Predictive Analytics

Detect emerging patterns to see what is coming around the corner and do something about it.

Machine Learning Tools for:

  • Proactively addressing system hotspots
  • Matching interventions with individuals
  • Personalizing engagement strategies


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