Predictive Analytics for Value‑Based Healthcare.

Delta Brain's intelligent software gives care teams powerful, forward-looking insights to better serve their patients.

Replace your spreadsheets, heuristics, and hours of wasted time with our machine learning-powered optimization.

Delta Brain Solutions

Value-based payment models present a tremendous opportunity for provider groups to transform into more effective, profitable, and sustainable care organizations.

A healthy population comes from your ability to use data wisely to identify, anticipate, and manage their needs.

Our cloud-based predictive analytics platform integrates directly with your data sources and uses state-of-the-art machine learning models and optimization algorithms to power your clinical operations.

Predictive Staffing Schedules

Anticipate demand and optimize staffing schedules across your network of clinics. Know where to open new clinics and how to staff them. Provide care to more patients and keep your physicians happy by optimizing the use of their time.

Now in use for...

  • Managing capacity at 50+ clinics,
  • and the schedules of 1500+ physicians,
  • in 80+ specialties,
  • with over 100k predictions to date.

Proactive Care Coordination

Anticipate needs and optimize community-based care coordination workflows. Keep your members independent and your costs down.

Ramping up for...

  • Over 60,000 patients.

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With Delta Brain, we reduced our scheduling overhead by 80% and are serving more patients at our clinics.
Thomaz Srougi, CEO


We’re a team of aerospace engineers, Wall Street quants, meteorologists, and startup veterans, health economists, and physician leaders, who believe in the potential of well-applied machine learning to drive better decisions throughout healthcare. We’re looking for experienced software and data engineers to join our in-house team in Pasadena, CA.
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